Sunday, November 30, 2008

5 Months to go...

Sorry, it has been awhile. I got back from travel and immediately got a cold, but I am finally feeling better. I think I caught that cold that everyone has been getting that lasts for awhile. I still have a cough, but at least I feel like I can breathe now.

I am now 18 weeks and 3 days. I have gained about 11-12 lbs so far. My belly has definitely increased in size. When I got back from travel, everyone said it looked like I popped while I was gone. This past work trip is supposed to be my last long trip from here on out. The other trips are supposed to be 1 or 2 day trips. I am happy to be home. Now, I need to get ready for the holidays and the baby. We will find out December 15th whether we are having a girl or a boy. We are so excited about the ultrasound and finding out. It has been awhile since we have seen our little one . I am feeling slight movements of the baby, but they don't last long. I have been told the movements will probably be more reliable when I am about 6 months long.

We had a great Thanksgiving. We had Brandon's family Thanksgiving early on the Sunday before. We traveled to Houston on Thanksgiving day to celebrate with my family. We stayed in Houston through Saturday and visited with a few of my long time friends and their children.

We will be putting up our Christmas tree this week. We were going to go pick out our tree today, but it was sprinkling. Hopefully, we will pick it up after work on Monday. I am excited to see what the tree will look like this year. We always try to get the biggest one that will fit in our house. We are talking about getting an artificial one after the baby gets here so we don't have to deal with the mess.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and good luck getting ready for Christmas!


ellie said...

December 15th seems so far away!!! Good luck!

Shelley said...

You look great. Stick with the real tree. I have the best memories of going to pick out a tree with my family, and it will be great to continue the tradition.