Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lettie tagged me...

Here is my fourth picture from my fourth file folder. I was happy to see that the fourth photo was a photo of both Brandon and I.

This is a photo of Brandon and me on our Beaver Creek Skiing Trip in January of 2006. We were engaged at that point. He had asked me to marry him on Dec 3 of 2005.

The funny thing about this trip is that Brandon had to ask me to go when we first started dating with the hopes that we would be dating by the time the trip rolled around. This trip was with the Huntsville Ski Club and they arrange the trips months in advance. I wonder if this trip influenced Brandon to keep me since we were already bound by a ski trip.

We had a great time on this trip. Brandon is a lot better snow boarder than I am even though we have about the same amount of experience. Brandon has his "Evil Brandon" chin that he grows when on vacation.

He was also my hero on this trip. On one of the back bowls of Beaver Creek while on a lift, my snowboard got caught on some snow several feet from the jump on point and it drug me out of the seat with Brandon and the seat went over me. Brandon jumped out to the lift which was several feet off the ground by the time they got the lift stopped to come and get me. I was fine but once he got to me I buried my head in his coat and started bawling. The bad thing is when you are on the back side of the mountain you really have no choice but to get right back on the 1970's model lift that just kicked your butt (which barely holds two people and is going three times as fast as the ones on the front side of the mountain). So, Brandon and I attempted the same lift again about three minutes after the first experience. This time with me on the other side. I made it that time but started crying again on the way up just by thinking out the first time. I don't think I will ever go to a back bowl again, but I knew that Brandon was a keeper if he could put up with that.

Well, I guess this tag stops with me because I just started blogging and only know Lettie and Ellie who have already been tagged.

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