Tuesday, March 31, 2009

36 Week Doctor's Appointment

Sorry, I haven't blogged lately. I keep waiting to have some photos to post, but I have officially given up having photos for this post. Hopefully, I will have some photos of the nursery soon. I keep waiting to "finish it" before taking photos. I am starting to realize that it will never been finished. The furniture is put together, the curtains are up, the room is organized, and the newborn to 3 months clothes are washed. I just don't have everything up on the walls that I want.

I am taking on the ambitious project of painting 5 canvases of various sizes in acrylic to put on his walls. A set of three will go above his changing table -- this set will be animal themed ( a alligator, a giraffe, and a hippo). I have an idea of how I want the animal themed canvases to look. I have done the free-hand outline of the animals and the background. I have begun painting the alligator one -- I just need to finish the detail work. The other two canvases I am planning to have a transportation theme. They will go on either side of the chest. These two are the least planned but one I plan to have ground transportation and the other air transportation. On all five canvases, the colors will be bold. I hope they turn out, but regardless, I am putting those to the side for now until I get the house ready for visitors and mine and Miles's bags packed. I still haven't packed my bag for the hospital!!!! I don't know what my problem is. I am hoping to do it tonight. I received Miles's diaper bag in the mail yesterday, so I am going to pack it also.

I had my last two-week interval appointment today. Now, I am on to the once-a-week appointments. At today's appointment. Miles's head was down, so chances are that it will be down when the time comes -- so I am happy. His heart was beating 125 beats per minute. I have gained 32 pounds according to the doctor. My waist has increased 11 and 3/4 inches. We are rotating doctor's right now, so each appointment seems very different. It seems hard to get consistant parameter's to record and since each doctor has a different personality it is hard to read/analyze their responses to questions -- some seem interested to answer questions and others seem put out. It makes me appreciate my doctor; however, I know the chances are he won't be there if I go into labor unscheduled.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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