Friday, February 20, 2009

30 Weeks and Counting...

Well, a lot of things have happened over the last week. Brandon surprised me with planning a trip to Cathedral Caverns on Valentine's Day. I love doing new things and enjoying nature. The cave was bigger than I thought it would be. We really enjoyed ourselves. I got to play with my camera settings -- trying to get good photos in low lighting. By the end of the cave tour, which took about 2 hours, I was getting fairly good. You can click on the photos below and they will enlarge. The photo in the lower right hand corner of this first group is a reflection of the cave in water. It took several tries to capture it.

The cave opening was impressive. The top photo is of the roof or ceiling of the cave entrance.

I am finally posting a belly photo. This was taken yesterday when I was exactly 30 weeks. So far, I have gained 25.4 lbs, and my waist has increased 9 inches. Miles is really starting to grow now. This morning when I woke up it was hard to get out of bed because he had stretched across my belly and was in between my ribs and hips on both sides -- it is surprising how much flexibility you loose when you can't bend at your hips because there is a baby in the way.

I made Brandon take a family photo with the CPR baby we received on Tuesday in the Parenting class. I am really glad they let us keep him. It is amazing how much force you need to put on the baby's sternum during CPR. They suggested that you offer to let baby sitters and family members try it out, so they can get familiar with the procedures. I am really glad we are taking the class because we have learned a lot in two classes.

On Wednesday evening, I took an art class at the Burrit Museum. We were supposed to paint Kandinsky's Circles. They use acrylic paint so it is non-toxic and no fumes to worry about. The clean up is soap and water. I really enjoyed the class. They supplied all the stuff, and all I had to do was show up and 2 1/2 hours later I had a "work or art" to bring home. I got a little carried away with my circles. It really doesn't look much like Kandinsky's or the art teacher's. Mine has a lot more "swirllies". I am going to try to make it back to one more class before Miles is born. The class is called My Spirited Art. You can visit the website if you are interested in going (


Christy Taylor said...

Hey Lisa! I love keeping up with your progress. You look so cute pregnant:)I can't wait to see little Miles! The artwork looks great!

ellie said...

That is so neat they let you keep the CPR baby! And you look adorable. 10 more weeks!!