Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Miles is Three Months Old Today!

Miles is really growing up fast. Everyday he is doing something new. He is really starting to notice everything. He is very interested in the world around him.

He plays on his play yard a lot now. He is starting to play with the hanging toys.
In the next couple of photos, he was talking to the stuffed octopus.

Tomorrow, we go to the photographers to get his 3-month photos. I hope he does well. I won't know until tomorrow if I timed it right. Miles has been sleeping in lately, so I am hoping he won't be grumpy. Also, Miles is very serious when he is in a new place. It is hard to get him to smile.

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Anonymous said...


Your baby is one of the cutest little ones that I have EVER seen. You done good girl!

Shelley Rockco Scarborough