Friday, September 11, 2009

Miles is 4 1/2 months old!

Miles is smiling and laughing more. He is also playing by himself more although he prefers for someone to play with him. He has lost a lot of his hair that he was born with -- but still looks as cute as ever. He is still only rolling over by accident. It appears he is going to crawl before reliably rolling over. He seems to scoot around his play yard with motions that he will eventually use for crawling. He is standing up very well. He loves to touch people's faces now. He is so cute because he touches your face so gently -- he isn't so gentle with Brandon's arm or chest hair or my hair. Although for now, I can get him to let go of my hair fairly easily.

He is still a thinker. When he is in a new place, he quietly scopes the place and the people out before making any noise of his own. He loves for me to look at him when we are out and about -- such as walking through Target or eating in a restaurant. Whenever I look at him after looking at something in the store or talking to someone, he smiles really big and gets excited -- like he has been patiently waiting on me to look at him. I love this boy so much.

We started the Your Baby Can Read program --so far so good. Miles watches the videos 50 % of the time. He does a little better with the sliding flash cards since Brandon and I interact with him more.

Brandon bought me photography lighting which I played with it today and took some photos of Miles. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I am enjoying trying. Miles gets a little tired of being the subject all of the time.

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