Monday, January 12, 2009

24 Weeks Down...107 Days to Go!

We went to the doctor today. The doctor says everything is still looking great. According to their records, I think I have gained 16 pounds. The nurse really didn't say anything this time about my weight, but I caught a glimpse at the scales before she reset it. I know this morning I weighed 2 pounds more than yesterday -- I got on the scales twice because of it. So, according to my records as of today, I have gained 19.8 lbs. My waist is 6.75 inches bigger than it was before I got pregnant. Miles's heartbeat was recorded to be 148 beats per minute.

Last Friday morning, I most likely had some rounding ligament pain on my right side. One moment I was feeling great and the next moment I was bent over and couldn't straighten up. It took about 10 to 15 minutes for it to go away. After that, I felt fine. Luckily, Brandon hadn't left for work yet. So, he got me some water and helped me get in a more comfortable position. I am feeling pretty good these days besides some lower backaches.

Brandon and I registered at Babies R Us yesterday. I thought we would get overwhelmed, but we really didn't. We had looked around several times previously and wrote items down, so we already knew some of our selections. However, it still took us forever. We took three or four breaks because my feet were hurting.

We are finally narrowing in on baby furniture. We decided to not spend so much money on furniture. Our only problem now is that the stuff we picked out is on back-order so we haven't made the final commitment yet. Even on back-order, it should get here before the baby, but we fear that the back-order dates aren't correct. We will probably make the plunge this week because we are tired of looking.

We are now on the mission to find a pediatrician. Our doctor gave us a few names. Any suggestions for a pediatrician in Huntsville? We are looking for someone close to downtown.


Lettie said...

Glad you're doing well!
Our pediatrician is in Madison, but her husband is in practice at Pediatric associates of Huntsville. I think it's in the medical mall and I've heard lots of good things about all the doctors there.
Picking a pediatrician was one of the hardest things about having a baby! It seems like such a big decision.

Our First Baby said...

Thanks. We got Dr. Klem at the Huntsville Pediatic Associates. We chose three doctors from there and he was the one they selected for us. Hopefully, we will get to meet him soon.