Friday, October 10, 2008

11 Weeks Yesterday

Well, yesterday marked the end of my 11th week of pregnancy. I weighed 119.8 lbs today which means I have gained 4 pounds even so far. My appetite is slowing down. I am not as hungry, and it looks like my legs are slimming up a little. When a first found out I was pregnant, it seemed like I started putting on weight in my thighs almost immediately. My waist hasn't changed much yet. The pooch is still low enough that it has only increased my waist by an inch.

The baby is supposed to be the size of a large lime right now, and it skin is very sensitive to touch since the nerves in the skin are new and developing. It says the baby will move around whenever it comes in contact with anything -- although I won't be able to feel the movement for a while longer.

I had an emotional day yesterday. I probably cried 6 times yesterday over someone at the licensing department being rude/mean to me at lunch. Every time I thought of it I got upset. Poor Brandon didn't know how to console me because whenever he padded me on the back I got more upset. He bought me a chocolate-dipped, chocolate-chip cookie sandwich with cream icing in the middle that night to cheer me up which it did. The other good news is we paid off my car and got the title in our name. One less payment to make. Although, Brandon will probably have to handle all of the future title, tags, and car stuff in general after that experience.

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