Monday, October 6, 2008

Everything is Going Great -- Except for Tight Waistbands!

So far so good. I still haven't been sick at all. I feel great. If this little pooch wasn't getting bigger, I don't know if I would know that I was pregnant.

Sometimes, when I move my abdomen certain way, I feel a twinge of discomfort, but I assume that is normal.

My weight gain seems to have leveled out to approximately 4 pounds so far. Hopefully, it will stay close to that until the end of my first trimester. If it does, I'll be on schedule to gain approximately a pound a week until the end.

My clothes are definitely getting tighter. Right now, I am wearing a skirt which its waist is practically at my rib cage because thoughout the day I have shifted it up to keep it from cutting into by belly. The skirt started the day about a inch below my knee. Right now, it is at the middle of my knee. We will see where it ends up by 5:00.


Ellie & Joe said...

Sound like you need to get a Bella Band or Tummy Sleeve!

Our First Baby said...

I am definitely looking at getting the bella band soon. I guess I can look about ordering one tonight. Good news! I received your maternity clothes.